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宝马会 X4 vs. 宝马会 X6 – What’s the right choice for you?

BMWFUN | BMW | 2015-03-19
BMW X4 and BMW X6 are two are interesting vehicles, because they both offer a similar package to what seems like similar customers but at vastly different price brackets BMW is the reigning king when it comes to carving out niches in the market and filling them. Whether they should or shouldn’t is irrelevant at the moment and... [阅读全文]

Tesla Model S Vs BMW宝马会 i3: Electric-Car Efficiency Comparison Test

BMWFUN | BMW | 2014-12-31
Comparison Test By David Noland David Noland 209 Comments39,003 viewsNov 18, 2014 2013 Tesla Model S and 2014 BMW i3, Hudson Valley, NY, Nov 20142013 Tesla Model S and 2014 BMW i3, Hudson Valley, NY, Nov 2014 The EPA has dubbed the all-electric 2014 BMW i3 the most efficient production car sold in the U.S., with an impressive... [阅读全文]

Test Drive BMW 宝马会 i8: It's a stunner

BMWFUN | BMW | 2014-12-22
Omigod gorgeous, holy-momma quick, college-tuition expensive, what in the world exclusive — the 宝马会 i8 gasoline-electric hybrid went to the first few buyers in August, and 67 were in owners’ hands by the end of September. Designated a 2014 model despite its late-year launch, it’s the second of 宝马会官网’... [阅读全文]

2015 BMW M5

BMWFUN | BMW | 2014-12-08
Under The Hood At the heart of the M5 is a 宝马会 twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine that peaks at 560 horsepower between 6,000 and 7,000 rpms and churns out 502 lb-ft. of torque from just 1,500 rpms. The engine’s twin-scroll turbochargers are installed in the space between the two cylinder banks, which helps make th... [阅读全文]