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Sky Island is styled after those classic platformers, transporting you back to to the endless summer days of your youth, when of course you stayed firmly out of the sun and fresh air and played video games indoors instead. On first appearance, it looks like the standard drill. The cute is turned up to 11, you have to jump on the not-terribly-bright baddies to squish them and there are plenty of coins and stars scattered about the place to collect. So far, so Super Mario, right?
Ah, but Sky Island has a twist. Literally. Developer Neutronized has come up with the really rather clever idea of allowing you to rotate your environment in 3D, allowing you to shift your perspective to find the best way to get those little twinklers. Once you’ve got the right angle, just let go of the mouse and the world snaps back into 2D.
But while all this rotating jiggery-pokery can make your life easier, it can also leave you with too far to jump if you’re not careful – and falling off Sky Island will soon knock the cute out of you. Play Sky Island here.

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