Monthly: July 2014

BMW M5 review

BMWFUN | BMW | 2014-07-30
The BMW M5 is crushingly capable, but some of the charm of old M5s is gone Since its debut at the 1984 Amsterdam motor show, the BMW M5 has become the yardstick against which all other supersaloons are judged. The F10 generation, then, has much to live up to. The idea of regression may be disagreeable, but it applies to the F... [阅读全文]

BMW i3 vs Nissan Leaf vs Volkswagen e-Golf – Comparison

BMWFUN | BMW | 2014-07-28
German magazine bmwfun compares the BMW i3 against the Nissan Leaf and VW e-Golf. Worldwide Nissan Leaf is already the best-selling electric car in history, with 110,000 sold globally since December 2011. The e-Golf is VW’s first bet for the electric market and will launch this fall. The i3 is the only one of the three electr... [阅读全文]

BMW i8 review, price and specs

BMWFUN | BMW | 2014-07-26
What is it? The BMW i8 could be the supercar of the future, a hybrid 2+2 coupe with price and performance figures to match a Porsche 911 or Audi R8 but CO2 emissions that equal a plug-in Prius. We’ve never seen anything quite like this and given the technology on offer, its £99,895 price tag doesn’t seem like so much to ask ... [阅读全文]

BMW M Division Boss Wants an M7, But it’s Unlikely to Happen Anytime Soon

BMWFUN | BMW | 2014-07-23
For all the strides BMW has made in expanding its lineup, one model that’s still noticeably absent from its fleet is a performance-oriented 7 Series . Talk of a potential M7 has floated around for years, but nothing has really come out of it, leading a lot of people to think that Bimmer is more than content letting Audi and ... [阅读全文]

BMW i8 Specs Detailed: 0-60 MPH in 4.9 Seconds

BMWFUN | BMW | 2014-07-21
The BMW i8 is looking bmwfun and now we have some more detailed specifications on the German automaker’s upcoming electric supercar. The plug-in hybrid will reportedly weigh in at 3,197 lbs with a 2+2 seating configuration and pop-up door design. Powering the i8 will be a 170-hp electric motor driving the front wheels, while... [阅读全文]

BMW i8 Spyder revealed

BMWFUN | BMW | 2014-07-19
The  bmwfun  has been revealed in concept form ahead of its public outing at the 2012 Beijing motor show later this month, previewing a roadster version that will follow its hybrid coupe twin into BMW showrooms. BMW’s new petrol-electric roadster has been anticipated as the German car maker looks to build a group of environm... [阅读全文]

The Future of BMW’s i Range?

BMWFUN | BMW | 2014-07-17
BMW’s futuristic take on the electric car concept has won many fans. By keeping the bmwfun as close as possible to the original concepts, artists and designers have been given a glimpse into the future range of the company’s hybrid range. One such designer’s work stands out above all. Chris Lee’s rendition of how BMW’s elect... [阅读全文]

BMW says 80 percent of i3 plug-in EV buyers come from other brands

BMWFUN | BMW | 2014-07-15
BMW is feeling continued good vibes from its recently launched i sub-brand of plug-in vehicles. The German automaker, which started selling its i3 battery-electric vehicle in Europe late last year, is finding better-than-expected demand for both the i3 and the i8 plug-in hybrid, Automotive News Europe says, citing an intervi... [阅读全文]

Spy Photo: BMW testing an i5/i7 hybrid sedan?

BMWFUN | BMW | 2014-07-14
Back in August, we reported on a rumor around a future BMWFUN sedan. According to BMW insiders, on the roadmap of the new i sub-brand, a hybrid or electric sedan plays an important role. BMW i5 is seen as the ultimate test for BMW i, and would be a midsized four-door sedan with coupe-like design cues, using the powertrain fr... [阅读全文]

2017 BMW i5 – Rendering

BMWFUN | BMW | 2014-07-12
In 2017, BMW will launch their third electric-vehicle nurtured by the BMW i sub-brand. The long-time rumored BMW i5 is already way into development as … In 2017, BMWFUN  will launch their third electric-vehicle nurtured by the BMW i sub-brand. The long-time rumored BMW i5 is already way into development as somewhat confirmed... [阅读全文]