The Future of BMW’s i Range?

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BMW’s futuristic take on the electric car concept has won many fans. By keeping the bmwfun as close as possible to the original concepts, artists and designers have been given a glimpse into the future range of the company’s hybrid range.


One such designer’s work stands out above all. Chris Lee’s rendition of how BMW’s electric car brand will grow and evolve with the changing needs of the distant future has been praised by many for its smart, intelligent take on the future of locomotion. Lee’s design shows slow but gradual progression of a simple sedan like concept into a more advanced machine capable of  navigating tougher terrain. While most concept artwork from designers offer little to no credibility, Lee’s work was thoroughly enjoyed by BMW themselves and the German car maker has even offered the college student a post in BMW’s Group Designworks USA. Apart from that, BMW also chose one of the designs to be its official entry into the 2013 LA Design Challenge. Quite an impressive CV for a man fresh out of college. We take a look at what could eventually be, the future of BMW’s i division:


1. BMW i6:

The i6 will apparently be slotted directly between the i3 and i8. Acting as a mid size coupe like sedan, the i6 will offer the comfort and convenience of a four seater as well as the driving pleasure of a sports coupe. In keeping with the i8′s futuristic design and the signature “i” design philosophy, the i6 is a low slung two door coupe with elements borrowed from both the i3 and i8. News of a stretched out i3 (to be called i5) has been doing the rounds for quite sometime now. The i6 will sit directly atop the new i5 and act as the sportier, more track oriented model of the two. The i6 is set for a 2022 debut.


2. BMW i7:

The i7 will be released four years later in 2026. The i7 will serve as BMW’s new flagship similar to what the 7 Series is today. However, the new i7 may offer a fully autonomous driving mode. With the advent of self driving cars by Google in California and BMW’s very own self “drifting” cars, the idea of autonomous locomotion is no longer a pipe dream.


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