Spy Photo: BMW testing an i5/i7 hybrid sedan?

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Back in August, we reported on a rumor around a future BMWFUN sedan. According to BMW insiders, on the roadmap of the new i sub-brand, a hybrid or electric sedan plays an important role.

BMW i5 is seen as the ultimate test for BMW i, and would be a midsized four-door sedan with coupe-like design cues, using the powertrain from the BMW i8. The design proposals are not in yet, but one would expect i-specific cues and appropriate space for 4 passengers.

To add more fuel to the fire, a prototype was spotted today in Germany. The test mule is a BMW ActiveHybrid 7 that undergone some exterior changes.

According to the spy photographer, the prototype was equipped with electric wheel-hub motors at the front, and was running, on very narrow tires without electric motors at the rear. The body panel also went through some changes and the prototype features modified front fenders that could potentially disguise the powerplant changes under the hood.

The electric wheel-hub motors potentially indicate that a range-extended electric drivetrain is featured underneath the car, but as always, this could simply be just another test bed for whatever products BMW is “cooking.”

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